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If you have lost significant weight, possibly due to surgery, dieting or pregnancy, you may be bothered by excess skin on your body. Post-bariatric surgery utilizes contouring techniques, including body lift and body sculpture techniques, to remove drooping skin left behind.  Hygiene can be a concern if skin starts to sag. Any skin fold can also be prone to rashes, and yeast infection, which occur, as the areas get very hot and moist.

Some of the factors to consider when helping you decide if post weight loss surgery is suitable for you are:

Age – younger people have more elastic skin, and can tighten it much easier than those past a certain age.

Amount of weight lost –the greater the weight loss, the looser the skin.

Skin type – some skin types are more elastic than others.

Consult Dr. Bengezi to determine if post weight loss surgery is suitable for you, risks involved, and expected results and recovery time.

Please ask us for before and after pictures at the time of consultation.

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