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Moles and skin tags are black spots or irregularities in the skin, coming in different shapes and sizes. Some moles are present at birth or can appear over time. Moles and skin tags can be bothersome for people. Some of the benefits of removing moles can lead to achieving smoother skin, enhancing appearance and self-esteem. Some moles can become irritating if constantly rubbed against clothing or jewellery. Other moles protrude on the skin, and can become annoying while shaving. More importantly, if a mole is suspected to be pre-cancerous early on, it can be removed before causing serious health risks.  Consult Dr. Bengezi to see if removing a mole is beneficial for you.


There are several ways of removing a mole. Generally, once the area is cleaned, anesthetic is applied to numb the area, and the mole is removed using a scalpel. The recurrence after complete excision of a mole or skin tag is very unlikely. Dr. Bengezi uses dissolvable stitches (also called absorbable sutures) and fine adhesive tape to minimize the risk of scarring. Dr. Bengezi wouldn’t recommend a laser procedure for treatment of such lesions for many reasons; first a laser will not penetrate deep enough and this may lead to recurrence. Secondly, with laser, there will be no specimen for Histopathological examiation.  Lastly, laser may result in more scarring than simple excision.

Dr. Bengezi can provide you with further details and information regarding your mole, and the best method to treat it.

View some of our gallery pictures of Mole Removaland Other Legions Surgeries. Please ask us for more pictures at the time of consultation.

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