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Over time, due to factors including pregnancy and nursing sagging of the breasts can occur. Most notably, as a woman’s breasts lose their shape and firmness.  A breast lift procedure will restore the breasts’ shape and position on the body, giving them a more appealing look.


In the breast lift procedure, incisions are made in the breast, allowing excess skin and tissue to be removed to reshape the breast.  Incisions are made from the lower breast crease to the areola. Once the incisions have been made and the breast reshaped, the nipple will be repositioned to a higher area on the breast.

Typically, most women combine the breast lift and breast augmentation procedures to get the best results. Dr. Bengezi can provide further consultation to determine whether a combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation procedure is right for you.


After going through the breast lift surgery, discomfort and swelling may occur for a week or longer.  However, the pain can be alleviated with medications.  A support bra is recommended for the first month post-surgery. After one to two weeks, stitches from the operation will be removed.  It should be noted that the ability for the client to breast-feed would not be affected from this type of procedure.  Also, in most cases, scars from breast lift surgery never disappear completely, although there are methods for partially concealing them.

View some of our gallery pictures of Breast Lift Surgeries. Please ask us for more pictures at the time of consultation.

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