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Breast Augmentation Overview

The success rate and overall safety of breast augmentation and breast implants have made the surgical procedure the most popular in North America. Dr. Bengezi is experienced in various ways of executing the procedure, and will use the method best suited to you. Size and style of the implant, incision, location and placement of the breasts are some of the factors used to determine the final result and are thoroughly discussed with the patient upon consultation.


Incisions can be made in various areas including the underarm, crease of the breast, or in a circle around the nipples and areolas.

Breast Implants

The two main implant types are filled with either saline (saltwater) or silicone gel. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right implant, including pre-existing breast shape and size, incision location, and wanting a certain look and feel. Dr. Bengezi will provide you with the right implant style and size upon consultation.

Recovery & Follow-up

One week off to rest is advisable; avoiding any physical activity during the first few days to allow the healing process to take effect. Dr. Bengezi will prescribe the necessary medication to relieve any pain and antibiotics to prevent any infection. A one-week follow-up is scheduled, and another after 5 weeks is recommended to ensure the patient has fully healed by this time.

View some of our gallery pictures of Breast Augmentation Surgeries. Please ask us for more pictures at the time of consultation.

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