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To find out more about Dr. Omar Bengezi, a respected Niagara Region Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon, or to schedule a consultation and discuss your treatment options, please fill out the form on the right.

Professional Consultation

Get your initial consultation with our doctor. We will be happy to arrange a personal consultation at our office, during which time you can discuss your Plastic Cosmetic Surgery goals with Dr. Bengezi in a friendly, supportive environment.

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A highly skilled Plastic Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Bengezi provides the best results for his patients.

Current Location Address

555 Prince Charles,
Welland, ON, L3C 2T8
tel: (905) 788-0555

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Dr. Omar Bengezi is a certified Plastic Surgeon who offers his patients the most up-to-date techniques in Plastic Surgery, while upholding standards of excellence in surgical skills and patient care.

During your initial consultation, you will undergo a thorough evaluation by Dr. Bengezi. Discussions regarding the desired procedure(s) and recommendations will be discussed.

During your consultation all your questions will be answered and you will be informed on possible risks and side effects associated with your surgery. You are strongly encouraged to ask questions and share your concerns and expectations with Dr. Bengezi and his staff. Mutual trust and communication between the patient and physician are essential, and Dr. Bengezi’s practice thrives on this.

Once you have scheduled your surgery it is important that you keep in mind Dr. Bengezi and his staff will be with you every step of the way through your preoperative and postoperative course. A medical history report, examination and essential laboratory tests will be required prior to surgery. Most surgical procedures are scheduled in our clinic providing the patient with the safest environment possible for their surgery. World class certified anesthetists will provide anesthesia, and overnight care, if necessary.

Reconstructive Surgeries

For inquiries about Reconstructive Surgeries, such as Breast Reconstruction, Skin Cancers, and Hand Surgeries, please contact our office for more information and to schedule a personal consultation with our doctor

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About Our Doctor and Our Clinic

Dr. Bengezi is a leading Niagara Region Plastic Surgeon specializing in a wide range of complex cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

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